Who We Are!

We are the creative brainiacs who take you from that Idea, that Spark, the Domain, the Identity and the Brand to the Website, the Software Application, the Hosting and Email solutions and from there we guide you onto the Marketing, the Social Media and the Press and Identity Management. That is what we do and who we are. We are partners to have and keep. We safe guard your entire Technology Stack and free up your time to focus on your passion.

Our clients operate on these 4 principles!


  • 1

    Ideas Spark

    Domain Names, Brand Identity, Trademark & Copyright

  • 2

    Take Action

    Web Design, Mobile Applications, Custom Software and Learning Systems

  • 3

    Get An Audience

    Marketing, Search Engine Optimizations & News Outlets

  • 4

    Stay Fresh

    Regular Upkeep & Ongoing Technology Management




Get In Touch!



6628 Sky Pointe Dr
Suite #131
Las Vegas NV 89131

Tel: 1.702-723-8446 (USA)
Tel: 1.877-456-4865 (INTL)
Fax: 1.877.456.0219



What We Do!


Software Development

Custom Software or Customizing a common software. We do it all here. We can build, deploy and maintain any Internal, Customer Facing, Web and Mobile Software Application. We also handle server locations and traffic management to handle any type of traffic it’s gets.

Domain Registrations

We are partnered with the best and most inexpensive Domain Registrar. NamelyWeb https://namelyweb.com to provide top-notch Domains to our clients. DNS Management, Server Warehousing and Management and Business Email Hosting.

Website Design

Over 20 Full Time Client Web Engineers spread across the globe to cover clients in any timezone. Skilled Men and Women with a combined 40 yr experience in the field of quality high traffic and high yielding website creating and management.

Tech Consultations

Not sure what your project or idea costs to build and deploy? Or need a professional to come access your Technology Stack and guide you through the process of normalizing that yourself? Need a trained eye who can not only provide great consultation and advice but teach you or your Staff how? Look to us for that as well!

SEO Marketing

It’s the question of if you can be found, it’s where can you be found? How often can you be found? How long can your website maintain that presence? Is your content searchable and relevant? Let’s get your website the traffic it deserves!

Social Marketing

When last did you tweet about a special or promo? Or how much content is on your wall or business page on Facebook? Do you have a separate Business and ONLY business social media platform? Does it look attractive? How many followers do you have? Or how big is your audience? We do daily, weekly and monthly Social Marketing for our clients.

Learning Systems

Need to display a Brand Standard for your employees? Or need a learning system for new and existing employees, contractors or workers? Need to track what each user is doing, what scores they get? Need to have an easily accessible Learning Management System accessible from any device for you and your Staff? We build simple to complex custom Learning Systems for Major Brands let’s show you a Demo today!

Gorilla Marketing

From Radio Ads, to the Hot! Girl and Guy standing at beach with your brand swag, wearing your brand apparel, to the person flipping and dancing with your signage at the corner of a busy intersection, we’ve got you covered. We have so many Gorilla Marketing tactics we have deployed with great success and frankly way too many to list.

Office Automation

Switch on lights. Manage temperature. Grant employee or personnel access to your office with a swipe of your phone, remotely from anywhere or any device with an internet connection. See what employees are up to. Get alerts. See when the cleaner or handyman came and left. Record all activity. Be alerted to any change in presence or motion. Have the coffee machine make your coffee on your way to the office. Now take all we have said and control them automatically by just your presence or proximity to your office as well as with your mobile and desktop devices. We provide the smart office experience which saves you money and time.



What We Charge!


You get what you pay for! We are NOT EXPENSIVE but neither are we the cheapest option out there. We price and price-match to satisfy all our clients when it makes sense for the market and the type of project or work. DO NOT fall victim to the company or person/s looking JUST TO BEAT A PRICE. Your service/s will SURELY SUFFER down the road if not immediately.

Software Engineering

We cannot put a $ Dollar figure to this type of service without first knowing some or all of the below. We do however charge by the hour or by project.

We have and can build Hosted or Stand-Alone software applications for your personal, social or business needs.

  • Type of Software
  • Intended Demographic
  • Real-Time or per use
  • Mobile, Desktop or Both
  • Hosted or Stand-alone
  • Completion Deadline/s
  • Integration or 100% Custom

Other areas of specialty that need a consult to price

  • Education & Learning Management Software
  • Sales, Marketing & Timeshare Software
  • Towing, Transportation & Logistics Software
  • Healthcare & Medical Billing Software
  • Social & Crowd Based Software
  • Government & Defense Software
  • Petroleum, Natural Gas & Power Software

Social Marketing & SEO

Below is what we do in this category and what we charge based on the plan.

  • Re-working your website to meet standard compliance for SEO content.
  • Complete SEO Meta-Data build into every page of website.
  • SEO friendly sitemap creation in XML and TEXT format.
  • Submission of URL to all major search engines for indexing and caching.
  • Creation and authoring of business Social Media accounts.
  • Up to 10 keywords per SEO campaign for potency.
  • Analytics framework for real-time statistics check.
  • Search engine webmaster tool inclusions.
  • Local Search Engine inclusions and placements.
  • Link building / sharing on all affiliate websites with a PR3 rank or better.
  • Relevant Blog, Forum and Classified posts/listings.
  • Building of static pages and or SEO-only pages to meet and/or target specific traffic.
  • Re-arrangement of keywords, description and title to match SEO efforts weekly.
  • Re-indexing and re-site-mapping once every other month or as needed if not dynamic.
  • Multiple business listings, under as many relative headings as possible.
  • Press release submissions.

Introductory $399.99 per Month / Domain

Standard $799.99 per Month / Domain

High Traffic $1199.99 per Month / Domain

Website & Logo Design and Development

Website Design, Hosting, Business Email, Domains, Logo and Brand Design, E-Commerce Website, Web Insurance, Backup and Recovery Services and Maintenance are just a few services we provide. Not all sizes fit all, but in a general rule we use the scale below.

Any custom combination/s and or process not included here can be discussed and prices adjusted to accommodate volume subscriptions and purchases.

Domain Name: $0.00

  • FREE for 1st year

Logo/Brand Design: $199.00

  • Up to 5 iterations

Hosting: Starts @ $4.99 per month

  • Goes up to $29.99 for the largest plan

Business Email/s: $0.00

  • Included with hosting plans

Web Design:

  • None E-Commerce Starts @ $299.00
  • E-Commerce Starts @ $199.00
  • E-Commerce adds $5 per product entered

Website Maintenance:

  • Small @ $50 per month (5 support requests monthly)
  • Medium @ $150 per month (25 support requests monthly)
  • Large @ $250 per month (50 support requests monthly)

Web Insurance & Backup/Restore:

  • Small @ $50 per month (Weekly Backups up to 1 Gig of Data)
  • Medium @ $250 per month (Daily Backups up to 5 Gigs of Data)
  • Large @ $750 per month (Daily Backups up to 10 Gigs of Data)

Office Automation

Our automation services come in 3 packages. All our automation devices and software all talk to each other and are all controlled via a browser or app on a Desktop, Mobile or Tablet device. Some devices allow physical/manual interaction to them but all manual interactions are still pushed, seen and managed by the software.

All packages come with a Subscription Life-Time Replacement of Sensors, Locks, Brain Hubs, Switches and Contacts. We can also customize packages below to swapping out items, instead of 2 sensors, you get 3 sensors but get one less contact e.t.c.

Brain One $699.00 Setup / $69.00 (Monthly)

  • 1 Central Brain Hub
  • 3 Multi Sensors (Motion, Temperature, Light, Moisture, Vibration)
  • 2 Tilt Sensors
  • 2 Power Contacts
  • 2 Light Switches

Brain Two $999.00 Setup / $99.00 (Monthly)

  • 1 Central Brain Hub
  • 5 Multi Sensors (Motion, Temperature, Light, Moisture, Vibration)
  • 2 Tilt Sensors
  • 5 Power Contacts
  • 5 Light Switches

Brain Three $1499.00 Setup / $199.00 (Monthly)

  • 1 Central Brain Hub
  • 10 Multi Sensors (Motion, Temperature, Light, Moisture, Vibration)
  • 2 Tilt Sensors
  • 10 Power Contacts
  • 10 Light Switches