What makes up a website?

So you have purchased a domain name now what?

Let us talk a little about what makes up a website. The 5 main parts to getting a website up and going.

1. Domain Name:
Your address on the web. The name by which all your customers, clients and viewer will access what it is you have to say or present.

2. Web Hosting:
The location where all your files, images and or software will be hosted and accessible by all who browse your address aka Domain above.

3. Web Design:
The art of creating that appealing and catchy brand, design and image. This phase also covers specific scripting to cater to Search Engine placement and accessibility of users browsing your website.

4. Web & Social Marketing:
This is where you promote your website and it’s call to action, brand or image. Using tools like Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn e.t.c) and Search engines like (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to get placed and come up in search results very easily.

5. Continuous Maintenance:
Finally, you will need to maintain the content on your website to be Fresh, Inviting and Interesting. Also to maintain your code base and fend of attacks and or malicious code and scripts that may be trying to take your website or portal down.